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About the conference

Information technology has the impact of making the world a smaller place. Geography is no longer a barrier to sharing information, and the speed of communication is impressive. Information flow has vast benefits for the modern enterprise, yet is overshadowed by the threat of those who abuse this technology to bring down personal, corporate or even national systems and networks, in turn leading to significant financial loss and threatening national security and critical infrastructure.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks pose a debilitating threat to enterprise networks and the flow of information throughout the boundaryless organization. In 2000, DDOS attacks took three to four days to replicate across the Internet, but in 2003 the Slammer worm took just eight minutes. The actions of attackers - spreading viruses, stealing information and identity, undermining privacy, spoiling web sites, proving they can break security measures - need constant responses; it's a continual catch-up. The threat to the enterprise is real, is all-pervasive, and is now automated.

In response, to focus on what is most important – safeguarding information, and making IT systems as fail-safe, dependable and reliable as possible - is critical.

This conference will bring together the foremost IT security and other experts to detail the current security threats, discuss the issues for enterprise communications, and outline practical solutions.

Dr. Bill Hancock, CISSP, CISM, Vice President of Security Practice & Strategy and Chief Security Officer, Savvis Communications
Bob Blakley, Chief Scientist, Security and Privacy, IBM
Mark O'Neill, Chief Technology Officer, Vordel
Mark Reichert, Chief Technology Officer, Schools Interoperability Framework
Mick Coady, Vice President Security Practice, Computer Associates Int.
Lee Cooper, Senior Manager, Security Program Management, Oracle Corporation
Ben A. Calloni, Ph.D., P.E., Chair, Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum, The Open Group
Tony Hain, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems
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Topics to be covered include:
Cyber-terrorism – the growing threat to critical infrastructure systems and companies
Enterprise network security – growing your security in line with your business and demands for increased information dissemination / establishing security policies
Security architecture – generating and maintaining an enterprise security architecture
Security awareness – information security is the responsibility of staff at all levels
Secure system management – protecting information assets / verifying software integrity / establishing security procedures throughout systems lifecycles
Authentication and authorization – identity management / authorization / remote user and third-party access control
Risk evaluation – critical assets, their threats and vulnerabilities / measuring and managing the risk / business continuity planning
The future threat and countermeasures – a look ahead

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