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The Future of Identity Management and Security

Monday, April 27, 2009

The 2nd Open Group Security Practitioners Conference will address a range of key security issues. The morning plenary sessions will feature a keynote presentation by Adrian Seccombe, CISO of Eli Lilly, on the topic of "The Future of Identity in the Clouds - a ProSumer's Perspective".

Other morning presentation topics will include a discussion on "The Future of Bio Identity and Authentication in our Digital World", by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Senior Research Scientist, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), and a case study on ISO 27001 Information Security Management System implementation and certification experience.

The afternoon will feature two focus sessions, the first on Web 2.0 security threats and enterprise adoption issues. The second afternoon focus session will explore identity management in the cloud.

Focus Session: Web 2.0 Security and Enterprise Adoption

Web 2.0 technologies are moving into the enterprise at a rapid rate, whether sanctioned or not. This focus session will explore the security issues related to technologies such as AJAX, REST, RSS, and others, and it will explore enterprise adoption issues and use cases.

Focus Session: Identity in the Cloud

As more business applications are delivered as cloud-based services, identities are necessarily being created for us in the cloud. Most IT professionals are now familiar with the personal challenge of creating and maintaining multiple identities for access to popular web-services. However, the challenges of identity in the cloud are far reaching, and include ensuring that these identities are kept secure, and that there is coordination of identity information between the various cloud services, and between enterprise identity stores and cloud services. This focus session will explore these and other identity in the cloud issues.

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