The Open Group Conference India 2011

Join us at The Open Group India Conference where speakers will focus on:

World-Class Enterprise Architecture

World-class enterprise architecture is the result of a mature and operational enterprise architecture function within an organization that leverages the entire suite of capabilities. It provides a next-generation maturity model and roadmap that allows organizations to plan and monitor their progress on their particular enterprise architecture journey.

Setting up an enterprise architecture function is not an exercise that should typically be completed in a single revolutionary step, but in an incremental and evolutionary manner. This presentation will discuss how organizations can use a modular, iterative and incremental approach in order to develop an architectural capability that is otherwise a large and complex undertaking.

Most enterprise architecture efforts to date have focused on the deployment of tailored frameworks within the organization in order to improve the alignment between the business and IT disciplines. The specific business drivers within each industry, however, and overarching drivers across industries — which will have a bearing on enterprise architecture within an organization — have not been fully explored and analyzed. Only when specific challenges are addressed can organizations focus their enterprise architecture effort on developing the appropriate capabilities within the business, IT, or both functions. This session will discuss:

  • Overcoming common pitfalls in the adoption of world-class enterprise architecture
  • Identifying specific business drivers within industry sectors, and overarching drivers, and their bearings on EA within an organization
  • Identifying EA capabilities: Key capabilities and best practices to adopt within an organization to mitigate risk and ensure successful business outcome
  • Assessing current maturity of EA
  • Determining a roadmap approach for EA
  • How the adoption of world-class enterprise architecture complements the TOGAF™ 9 specification by providing an approach to successfully develop an enterprise architecture capability


There are a large number of IT certifications currently available in the marketplace. This session looks at the benefits of becoming Open Group certified for both individuals and organizations.

This session will discuss:

  • The value of TOGAF™ 9 certification
  • The value of skills and experience-based Open Group certification programs for IT Architects and IT Specialists
  • How organizations around the world are using Open Group certifications as part of developing an internal profession framework


Register - Chenai

Register - Chenai

Register - Chenai

Cloud Computing — "Business Impact of Cloud Computing"

There are very good reasons why enterprises use Cloud Computing, ranging from timeliness and agility to resource optimization, cost, innovation, security, risk management, compliance, IT support, and business continuity. It is no surprise that Cloud Computing is a hot topic, with businesses everywhere considering whether this new technical development can be used to their commercial advantage.

Will your enterprise benefit from Cloud Computing? As with most technical developments, this depends on how you use it. Using the right technology in the right way, and at the right time, enables organizations to make cost savings and pursue new business opportunities — but an uninformed purchase of the latest technical toy can be an expensive mistake. The enterprise architect guides such decisions by developing a thorough understanding of the needs of the business, the concerns of the stakeholders, and the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

This session will discuss:

  • How to make a decision about whether to use Cloud, and what type of Cloud would be best for your organization
  • The risks of and rewards from using the Cloud
  • The latest ideas on how to build and measure ROI from Cloud Computing

Information Security: Emerging Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities

Information Security is a rapidly changing endeavor, with new and different threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, as well as security management challenges.

This session will discuss:

  • Pressing security issues and challenges, including management of risk, supply chain security, developing secure architectures, and cybersecurity
  • Emerging trends and technologies with big security implications such as mobility, virtualization, and Cloud Computing
  • How Open Group is leading significant efforts to address these challenges, including security-related work in the Security Forum, Jericho Forum, Real Time & Embedded Systems Forum, Trusted Technology Forum and Cloud Computing Work Group

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