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PodcastThe Open Group's Dave Lounsbury talks to David Linthicum of 'Cloud Computing Podcast' about the summit

Cloud Computing brings the promise of allowing deployment of scalable business services with little or no capital investment, access for a mobile workforce, and low IT maintenance costs - but it brings with it concerns about manageability, security, and control of intellectual property. Can Cloud Computing meet your business needs, or is the Cloud still "vaporware?"


In San Diego, The Open Group will kick off what is expected to be an ongoing series of events developing an enterprise perspective on Cloud Computing. The focus of this event will be presentations and discussions with industry leaders on cloud computing including invited speakers from Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Salesforce.com and Sun who will frame the discussion on such key topics as:

What is the Cloud Computing Service Model?

The Need for Standardization:

  • APIs between Cloud layers (e.g. Platform and Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Interoperability and Portability among Clouds
  • Interoperability between public Clouds and enterprise systems

Cloud Implementation Guidelines and Best Practices:

  • Best practices for migrating appropriate applications to Cloud environments
  • Use cases and patterns for Cloud deployments
  • Organizational support with the Enterprise for Cloud Computing
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