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  Tom Woteki - Director, SONA Program Office, Cisco    


Service-Oriented Network Architecture

IT organizations are under continuous pressure to decrease costs and improve responsiveness. IT can adopt two complementary strategies to help achieve these goals:

1. One strategy that has gained momentum over the last few years consists of breaking monolithic applications into small, reusable components. The latest version of this trend, building on the growing popularity of Extensible Markup Language (XML), is known as service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA lets companies deploy applications more quickly and at reduced cost by promoting reuse and facilitating integration.

2. The second strategy consists of deploying a Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI). SOI refers to the middleware infrastructure required to support XML processing and all configurable infrastructure resources (compute, storage, and networking hardware and software to support the running of applications). Consistent with the objectives for SOA, SOI facilitates the reuse and dynamic allocation of necessary infrastructure resources by delivering infrastructure as a service from a pool of shared or virtualized resources

This presentation will introduce the concepts of an SOI, application aware networking and virtualization. We will then discuss how application aware networking and virtualization, 2 key elements of an SOI, can support an enterprise SOA strategy. We will introduce Cisco's Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) and discuss the relationship between SONA, SOA and SOI. The presentation will discuss ideas for how an enterprises network infrastructure can provide the foundation for an SOI and in particular how Cisco's SONA can provide this foundation.

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