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  Bob Weisman, Partner & Executive Consultant, CGI Ottawa Business Unit    

photoRobert (Bob) Weisman is a partner and executive consultant with CGI Ottawa Business Unit where he leads the Enterprise Architecture/C4ISR Practice.

Currently Bob is leading the development of the Architecture Transformation Module in the new TOGAF 9.0.

He is a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional with 30 years of experience in strategic plannning, engineering and both project and information management.



Creating a Corporate Integrated Data Environment through Stewardship
Corporations are starting the manage their data as a corporate asset and treating the enterprise as the system. The cultural shift is from ownership to stewardship which in turn requires an extremely supple business transformation supported by a new accountability framework. The implications for IM/IT are significant and in many ways the cross-departmental view and function of most CIOs places them at the leading edge of stewardship implementation; a position that is fraught with challenge. The presentation will explain the essential concepts and discuss selected lessons learned from major clients.

Architecture Transformation - Making Strategy Real
The tendancy for architects (often consultants) to conduct enterprise architecture, and leave after establishing a baseline and a voluminous goal architecture often overlooks the transformation phase, which is the most challenging. The new TOGAF 9.0 has captured some of the best practices to make this transition and reduces the volume but increases the relevance of the architecture to the day to day running of the organization. The strategic thinking but tactical implementation allows the evolutionary transformation of the corporation and supporting IM/IT architecture to the strategic goal state. This presentation will discuss the TOGAF 9.0 Architecture Transformation Module and solict comments in preparation for its formal completion.

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