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  MODERATOR: Ron Tolido, CTO Northern Europe Asia Pacific, Capgemini    
Ron TolidoRon Tolido is Chief Technology Officer of Capgemini for the Northern Europe and Asia Pacific regions. He actually studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Leiden before earning a BSc in Information Technology at The Hague Polytechnic. Trained by AT&T’s Bell Labs, he was one of the first Unix System V kernel specialists in the Netherlands. During his career, Mr. Tolido has been involved in many different engagements pertaining to (commercial) software product development, technology consulting, architecture and IT strategy, both in operational and executive roles.

He published several books on software engineering, including 'object-oriented modeling & C++' and 'IAD, evolutionary development of information systems'. He is or has been a columnist for IT magazines such as Software Release Magazine, Corporate .Net Magazine, Datanews [corporate]solutions and Business Consultant magazine.

Mr. Tolido is a frequently invited, vivid speaker on innovative IT subjects. He is a jury member of the annual Benelux 'Development Tools' RAD Race. Furthermore, he is the external examiner for the Master of Science Course E-technology of Knowledge Centre Cibit / University of Middlesex, a member of the Programme Committee of the Dutch NWO 'Jacquard' IT innovation / stimulation programme and board member of Gridforum Netherlands. He acted in the board of commissioners of MarketXS (market data technology) and is currently a member of the advisory board of Astragy (strategic intelligence services).

Mr. Tolido's interests include excesses in philosophy and literature. He loves Open Source. He loves Microsoft too. His recent bundled columns ("The Black Madonna’s of IT", in Dutch) were published in August 2004.



Panel Discussion
SOA 2.0
The limit case of current business trends for de-centralization is a virtual enterprise where there is no centralized legal entity, but a fabric of cooperating partners. SOA can provide a means to support the operation and deliver the products of such an enterprise, if we can resolve issues relating to contract, responsibility, identity, and security. At the same time, we have the emergence of Web 2.0, a second generation of Internet-based services - such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies - that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users. Will we see a convergence of SOA and Web 2.0 technologies, leading to a second-generation SOA to support the virtual enterprise? This session will address that question, assisted by a panel of experts.

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