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  Poornachandra Sarang, Ph.D - Director – Architecture, Kynetia Networks S.L., Spain  

photoDr. Sarang in his long tenure of 20+ years has worked in various capacities in the IT industry. Dr. Sarang currently holds the position of Director (Architecture) with Kynetia and has been a Consultant to Sun Microsystems for last several years. He has previously worked as a Visiting Professor of Computer Engineering at University of Notre Dame, USA and is currently an adjunct faculty in the Univ. Dept. of Computer Science at University of Mumbai. Dr. Sarang has spoken in number of prestigious international conferences on Java/CORBA/XML/.NET and has authored several articles, research papers, courseware and books. He may be reached at sanjay.sarang@kynetia.com.


CASE STUDY: Challenges in Upscaling a Local Application to a Global Platform
Managing risk exposures plays a vital role in an organization’s growth and stability. Many large risk and insurance service firms provide services to organizations in managing their risks. They typically provide risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, and insurance program management services and so on. We at Kynetia three years ago developed an application for one such large insurance broking and risk consulting firm. The application was deployed locally and was made available country-wide. The quick success of the application resulted in client requesting to bring the application on a global platform. This raised many challenges in integrating existing several local applications and huge databases running on diversified platforms. The new global application also demanded much higher scalability, availability and robustness. The solution is achieved by re-architecting the application using the latest SOA techniques. This paper describes how we achieved this seemingly difficult task successfully.

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