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  Miko Matsumura, VP SOA Technology Standards, webMethods    

photoMiko Matsumura is vice president of SOA product marketing and technology standards at webMethods, Inc.  He also serves as chair of the SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee at Oasis and is the organizer of the SOA Link Interoperability Initiative. Miko regularly speaks throughout the world on SOA issues, as well as blogs at www.SOAcenter.com.

Prior to the recent acquisition of Infravio, Inc. by webMethods, Miko served as vice president of marketing and technology standards at Infravio, where he led marketing operations and strategic planning.   Matsumura emerged as an industry thought leader at The Middleware Company, where he was a co-creator responsible for building the partner program for SOA Blueprints, the first complete vendor-neutral specification of an SOA application set, supported by BEA, Borland, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Veritas and others.  At Systinet, Matsumura worked with the executive team and offshore development center on product development, product strategy, and outbound marketing, including representing the company at industry events. At Sun Microsystems, Matsumura held the position of chief java evangelist, where he was a visible spokesperson for Java technologies and worked closely with Java ISVs and licensees to further the developer community. Before joining Sun, Matsumura worked at Wired Digital (acquired by Lycos) and the Well online community (acquired by Salon). He has also worked extensively with software start-up companies, including Biztone and Kalepa Networks (acquired by Semio) raising more than 12 million in capital for Java start-ups.

Matsumura is currently a limited partner with Focus Ventures and was an advisor to the Asia Java Fund, as well as start-ups TogetherSoft (acquired by Borland), Dejima (acquired by Sybase) and Kendara (acquired by Excite).  Matsumura holds an MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Degree in Neuroscience from Yale University.



SOA Governance Session Keynote Presentation

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables organizations to deploy software and business services. The emergence of standards-based service infrastructure enables reuse and business agility. A well governed SOA can help align IT and business objectives and result in a more agile and flexible IT system. A federated Registry-based services catalog is an essential starting point for discovering and reusing services. Beyond this, an integrated policy Repository and lifecycle Governance features are needed to form the foundation for delivery of software and business services.

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