Enterprise Architecgture Practitioners Conference
-Spotlight on SOA

January 29-February 2, 2007 - San Diego, CA


The 11th Open Group Architecture Practitioners Conference will provide valuable insight into best practices, standards, tools and technologies for enterprise architecture; and a venue for practitioners to come together and network. This event will focus on what SOA means for today's enterprise architect.

The plenary session will:

  1. Help CIOs, enterprise architects and strategists, senior IT managers, and business analysts to understand how SOA is evolving, and how it can be used to drive competitive advantage.
  2. Feature practical presentations spanning:
      - SOA case studies;
      - business drivers and models for SOA; and
      - the impact of SOA on enterprise architecture

Featured tracks and topics:

  1. TOGAF™ User Experiences and Requirements
  2. Expanded presentations on SOA maturity
  3. Enterprise Architecture Development
  4. Architecture Management
  5. Enterprise Architecture Governance
  6. Architecture Certification and Professional Development
  7. Architecting Business Transformation
  8. Architecture Tools
  9. Semantic Interoperability

Plenary Speakers:

  1. John Whitridge, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Marriott International
    Keynote: Business Value and Challenges of SOA
  2. Maja Tibbling, Sr. Architect, Con-way, Inc.
  3. Martin Mosley, Chief Architect, Integration Architecture Solutions, Intuit
  4. David Butler, VP and Evangelist, Systinet, a division of Mercury Interactive
  5. Eric Knorr, Executive Editor, InfoWorld - Moderator, SOA Innovation Panel: Breaking Bottlenecks
  6. Takashi Kawakami, General Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Global IS Division, Nissan Motor Co
  7. Toshiro Kawamura, Executive Advisor, NEC & Chairman of Global Business Dialogue (GBDe)
  8. The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) - Panel

Open Sessions:

  1. Architecting to the Edge™
  2. Adaptive Business Solutions
  3. Dependability through Assuredness™: Traceability and Trustworthiness
  4. DirecNet™ Task Force
  5. Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) tutorial, presentations and demos


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