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  Mike Lambert - The Open Group & University of Reading    

photoMike Lambert was made the first Fellow of The Open Group at the end of April 2003.

As Chief Technical Officer, Mike led the development of The Open Group's technical strategy and architecture, and the expansion of The Open Group's activities to address the new challenges of wireless and mobile computing.

Mike was appointed on the merger of X/Open Company Limited and the Open Software Foundation to form the Open Group in March 1996. Prior to that, he was one of the creators of the X/Open organization when it was formed in 1984, and was appointed as Chief Technical Officer when the independent X/Open Company was formed in 1987. Under Mike's technical leadership, X/Open developed the Common Applications Environment, a comprehensive suite of specifications for application portability built on the single UNIX specification, test suite and brand.

Before joining X/Open, Mike spent 17 years with ICL, Britain's major computer systems vendor. His extensive background in application systems development, provides a unique insight into the problems faced by application developers. Mike was the Chief Architect of the ICL Manufacturing Systems flagship product OMAC 29.

As one of the originators of both X/Open and The Open Group, Mike is recognized as an expert on Open Systems throughout the world.

The Open Group, a vendor and technology-neutral global consortium, is committed to delivering greater business efficiency by bringing together buyers and suppliers of information systems to lower the cost and risks associated with integrating new technology across the enterprise. Recognizing that standards alone are insufficient, The Open Group's mission is to deliver assurance of conformance to Open Standards through the testing and certification of suppliers' products.


Architecture and Academia Planning Workshop

Objectives of Workshop
1.To formally initiate activities to bring together academia and industry to develop the teaching of Enterprise Architecture in Universities and Colleges and follow-up career development of Enterprise Architects within industry.
2.To plan activities within the framework of the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects.

Who May Attend
1.Any member of The Open Group with an interest in this topic area.
2.Any registered member of the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architect.
3.Representatives from any an accredited establishment of higher education, such as a college or university, that helps prepare students (at undergraduate or postgraduate level) for careers in Enterprise Architecture and/or embarks in advanced research projects in the field of Enterprise Architecture.

Draft Agenda
This meeting will last between day and a full day depending on the number of organisations prepared to contribute information.

1. Information Gathering
a.Enterprise Architecture as a Profession (The Open Group vision)
b.Current Academic Initiatives
c.Current Industry Partnerships with Academia

2. Planning Brainstorm
a.Is there interest in this subject in Academia
b.What can Industry do to help
c.How can the OAGEA help facilitate the process
d.Potential activities

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