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  Takashi Kawakami, General Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Global IS Division, Nissan Motor Co  

1980 - joined Nissan Motor after graduation from university.

1981-1993 - software development for image processing and computer graphics

1994 -2000 - IT system development, project management for Engineering CAD and Database.

2000 -2006 - Global IT Strategy and Planning

2006 to present - General Manager for Enterprise Architecture to promote standardization


Direction of Global Enterprise Architecture
The Enterprise Architecture in Nissan Motor is described within its Business and IT strategy. Nissan is promoting global standardization to improve the agility of global business, and Enterprise Architecture is one of the key actions to meet the business needs.

The presentation consists of company overview & business plans, IT strategy, and the global enterprise architecture program. In particular, information capitalization and portfolio optimization are introduced in detail as a key activities in the past two years.

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