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  Bert Hooyman, Chief Architect - Enterprise Integration (Europe), MphasiS Corporation    

Bert Hooyman, MphasiS CorporationBert Hooyman works for MphasiS, a global IT Services provider with offshore development capacity in India. In his role as senior architect, he has worked with various large global corporations, including Reuters, JPMorganChase and FedEx. His professional interest is in Business Process Management and Loosely Coupled IT Infrastructures.

Separate from that, Bert is interested in high-quality user interface design, rich web interfaces, digital typography and wrist watches.


Why don't you use my service? - Coming to terms with the complexities of the global enterprise
Today, the global enterprise is often too large to align with a single IT strategy, and this hinders the effective introduction of unifying architectures such as SOA.

Instead, Enterprise Architecture strategies should recognize the independence of the various business units or companies within the corporation.

As the ultimate business benefit is in sharing information across the enterprise, a unified approach to information exchange promises to be very effective.

In this presentation, the author discusses the benefits of event-driven architectures, which require corporate alignment in terms of canonical business events, only. Ultimately, the difference between an EDA and an SOA is one of data reuse versus code reuse. There is no reason why these strategies cannot co-exist.

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